Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Virginia, North Carolina and a little dip into South Carolina

Lots of catchup since I've been off of the mountain.
Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia– I always thought that this is where the Civil War ended when General Lee surrendered to General Grant. Wrong – Lee only surrendered the Northern Army of Virginia. Yes, it was the start of all of the other Confederate armies surrendering, but I was always taught in school that this particular surrender was the very end. I was surprised. I actually found being in this spot where this happened to be very moving. Both sides treated each other with respect and civility and brought an end to the most horrific time in American history.
Museum of the Confederacy - I was rather disappointed in this museum. It was a well done museum, but I think I was expecting more of a overview of the Civil War. This museum was mostly pictures of combatants along with their personal letters and diaries. A lot of reading. Too much for me at the end of the day. One cool thing was that they had General Lee's uniform and his sword so you could really get a feel of the stature of the man
Stayed at Parkview Mobile Home and RV park in Appomattox. I had electricity, water, Wi-Fi, TV – I felt absolutely decadent having all these services. Although, it was no where as nice an atmosphere as Shenandoah. It was basically a big parking lot.
Booker T. Washington Birthplace, Virginia – Everybody has heard Booker T. Washington's name, but I'm sure that most people really have no idea what this man accomplished in his short life. He was born a slave, once freed he walked 500 miles to put himself though school and at the tender age of 25, established Tuskegee Institute and became recognized as the nation's foremost black educator. I watched the movie and then Miko and I wandered around the grounds. A lovely day meandering along a creek.
The Evil Tobacco Plant
Replica of the cabin Booker lived in with his mother, brother and sister until he was nine years old.  It was very very small inside
Miko had fun with the farm animals - ducks, turkeys - but the pigs really intrigued her - their grunts drove her nuts because she wasn't tall enough to look over the fence and see what was making that noise
Stayed at Owl Hollow Campground in High Point, North Carolina. Four sections in this campground, two of which are in woods butted up to a beautiful, tranquil lake. Guess which one I was in? The gravel parking lot section (although with blazing fast wifi). Turns out that twice a year, in this area of North Carolina, it is Furniture Mart time. This is when all the furniture buyers come to the furniture capital of America for their giant furniture convergence.
Guilford Courthouse Military Park, North Carolina – There are lots of national sites that commemorate battles. What was unique about this one is that this commemorates a battle that the British actually won. What's up with that? Cornwallis and Greene. Greene was known for fighting guerilla style warfare. Cornwallis had been chasing Greene all around the south. Cornwallis won this particular battle, but he lost a fourth of his troops and it directly led to his surrender seven months later at Yorktown, thus ending the Revolutionary War. Again, I watched the movie – it was a little different than the normal – it was like a Hollywood movie. This park was an urban park – in the middle of Greensboro – lots of woods, lots of monuments and lots of people walking, biking and enjoying the park.

Nathaniel Greene, commander extraordinaire.....and Miko
The night was spent in Blacksburg, South Carolina. Full Hookups, great Wifi. I was able to get my propane filled – bring on those cold spells. I'm ready. Mostly seasonal people here – not transients like me. A lot of trailers here are all displaying the American flag, along with the Confederate flag right next to it. I would love to talk to these people and listen to what they have to say about this, but I think I am just going to keep my head low. It is a quiet park as long as you don't count the train that seems to run right next to the campground. Oh, and the coyotes are going crazy tonight also.

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