Monday, October 19, 2015

The Proverbial Catch Up Post...again

It is necessary now and then for a man to go away by himself and experience loneliness;
to sit on a rock in the forest and to ask himself
"Who am I, and where have I been and where am I going?"
                                            Carl Sandburg

Today was the finish of my Revolutionary War Trifecta. We had Guilford Courthouse yesterday and today was King's Mountain and Cowpens, all three tolling the bell of defeat for the British.

King's Mountain National Military Park, North Carolina – The Loyalist militias under Ferguson took the top of the hill, the Colonial militias surrounded the hill and crunched out a victory. Miko and I walked the mountain. According to the storyboards on the trail, the trees covering the mountain were huge and there was no underbrush. Then the giant trees were logged so now it doesn't look like it did during the battle.
Miko sitting in one of the old trees that the Colonials hid behind

Cowpens National Battlefield, South Carolina – Cowpens, named because this is where the frontier folk kept their cows before sending them to market. Colonial Daniel Morgan vs. British badboy Tarleton. Tarleton was the guy who several months previously had beat a bunch of Colonial militia and when the Colonials waved the white flag and tried to surrender, Tarleton slaughtered them all. Nice guy.

I think I'm done with the Revolutionary War for this trip.....finally. Interesting, but I think I need to space out this battle stuff a little bit more.

Headed north up toward the Asheville area.
South Carolina likes to make sure you stop when you should
 I had picked out a couple of campgrounds to stay at in the area. The first campground was sort of a mom/pop operation called Red Gates RV Park. In fact, as I checked in, I had quite a lengthy conversation about ham hocks and collard greens, neither of which I know anything about. Got myself a pull through site but when I tried to hook up the electricity, my surge protector went nuts and I couldn't get any power. Mr. Camp Host said “well gee, it works fine for everybody else”. Moved to a second back in site. Super narrow and very unlevel. When I put my leveling jacks down, three of the four tires were off of the ground. This would not do. So, I had to hook up my car again and try to find another RV park. It was getting late in the day and I was worried about finding a place and then having to get set up possibly in the dark. Ended up in Park Place RV Park in Flat Rock which although it had no charm, was very close to my next destination.

Carl Sandburg National Historic Site – this is where Carl Sandburg ( poet, Lincoln biographer, Pulitzer award winner and married to one of the premier goat breeders in the country) lived. Tied Miko up outside the visitor center, watched the movie and then we walked around the property. I could not tour the house because it was being renovated but we got to go into the goat barn and meet the goats and feel the space as Carl Sandburg must have felt. 
Carl Sandburg's House
Carl Sandburg's Pond

After getting a little culture with Carl, we headed up into Tennessee and I mean up. We had to cross a mountain range. I have a book called Eastern Mountain driving. It tells me what type of hills I am  going to encounter on a certain road. Well, in my giant RV, I seem to have lost it. How is it that in this small space I lose things? I don't get it. Anyway, there are nine miles of up, up, up followed by forever miles of down, down, down. I need to find that damn book.

I ended up in Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park in Tennessee. Yes, it is that Davy Crockett – the Alamo Davy Crockett. The campground is laid out like an RV park – we are all lined up, row after row. But, we are right on the Nolichucky River and the sound of the rapids really made me want to keep my windows open. Unfortunately, it got down into the thirties at night – I get the feeling that there will be no more open window sleeping.  I'm thinking I am going to need electric hookups for the rest of the trip just so I can run my space heater and not use up my propane.
Nolichucky River cascades right outside my door


We got a couple of good little hikes in before we headed over to my friends in Knoxville.

Anytime I am in the Knoxville area, I have to stop in and see two of my most favorite peeps ever – Bill and Kathy. We checked out some real estate in the mountains, I rode my first Paso Fino and my old favorite Icelandic Logi, went out for our traditional Mexican dinner and ate a whole lot of junk food. I really enjoyed my weekend in Knoxville.

Kathy and Tux

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