Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rock n Roll, Blues, Country and Back to Roots

Jackson RV Park:  Pros - great WIFI. Cons -  I've never been wedged in as tight as I was in this park.  Holy Cow.  Let's just say that the ambiance might be a little bit lacking in this park.  Lovely people though - maybe cause we were so up close, I got to hang with folks on both sides of me.

As I was leaving the RV Park I saw this "old school" tour bus - W.S. Holland (self proclaimed Father of the Drums) donated those drumsticks I was wailing with yesterday at the Rockabilly Museum

I was planning on heading north from Jackson, but I heard that just down the road a half hour or so west in Brownsville was the Western Tennessee Delta Heritage Museum .  How could I pass that by especially since there was supposed to be a Tina Turner exhibit. 

The museum was actually three museums in one.  It had a Cotton Museum which was interesting.  As I'm traveling in western Tennessee I am seeing a lot of cotton fields that are ready to be harvested.  A whole field of white and it ain't snow.  The Cotton Museum had a lot of old tools used to plant, harvest and use cotton.  You got to touch the cotton in all of it's different stages.

I whipped through the Hatchie River Museum - several aquariums with ugly fish.  I know it isn't their fault that they are ugly, but I don't have to spend time looking at them.

The Music Museum - a series of displays for the musicians of the area - Yank Rachell, Sleepy John Estes, Tina Turner, Elvis etc. 

Out back of the Delta Museum they had moved two buildings that I could go through. 

Left - Sleepy John Estes cabin.  Right - Flagg Grove School, where Tina Turner went to school first through eighth grade
All you blues fans know who Sleepy John is
This is the cabin he lived in until he died

Inside of the school house was the Tina Turner exhibit.  There wasn't much biographical information but there were a lot of her clothes both stage and gowns she wore to events like the Grammys.  Bob Mackie, Versace etc.  Quite a bit of difference between Sleepy John and Tina.  They also had displayed a lot of her gold records.  In the back the school house was set up from the era when Tina went to school.

Bob Mackie gown
I am now going to spend a couple of days at Reelfoot Lake State Park.  It is about as far up in northwestern Tennessee as you can get.  There was a severe earthquake in 1811 which caused the Mississippi River to back up and create this lake.  More than 15,000 acres of forest sank beneath the level of the river.  This is my view from my front window.  Quite a bit of difference between yesterday and today. 

Those are cypress trees

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