Friday, May 2, 2014

Tickets and Trips

I thought it was time to update a few outstanding items.

Remember way back in March, March 17 to be exact.  That was the day of a sleet storm in Minnesota and it was also the day I slide my pretty little car into an intersection and got smashed into.  What was it - about six weeks ago?  The big news is that I have my car back - I didn't realize how much I missed it until it came back.  It is like a new car - trying to remember how to do all the little things like 'How do I hear my horoscope?"  Yes, my car tells me my horoscope.  The final bill ended up being over $11,000.  Wowzer.  Seems weird that the insurance company didn't total it, but all that matters is I have it back.

On March 17th, I also got a ticket from the attending officer for "inattentive driving".  Say what?  I made an appointment to go see a hearing officer to discuss this ticket.  The fine was supposed to be $126.  I show up at the hearing officer headquarters and there is a very jovial hearing officer ready to discuss my case.  He says, gee, normally when there is an accident and there are no witnesses, we just dismiss the case.  But it looks like the officer marked the citation as an injury case. (Remember the little staple in the head incident?)  Because injury is marked, the best I can do is lower your fine to $86 which comes with a plea of guilty.  OR you can go to court and throw yourself on the mercy of the court.  I decide I'm going to court.  I have nothing to lose except $126 plus court fees plus......
The next available appointment is October.  Wow - that is a long way out.  I decide I don't want to go to court in October, that is prime riding/traveling season.  I now have a court date in November.  It will be interesting to see how it goes.  I did ask my hearing officer if I would be running into Judge Judy or the likes of.  He says no.

So, I've been back home for three weeks.  Getting itchy feet.  My sister-in-law Barb says to me - let's go visit our niece Brittany up in North Dakota.  NoDak....hmmmm.  Not on most people's bucket list, but it will be fun.  We are leaving Sunday through Monday the following week.  We will hit a couple of National Historic Sites, Lake Sakakawea and Salem Sue - a five story tall Holstein cow!!!  How friggin' cool is that?   We are also hoping to hit the Enchanted Highway which is 32 miles in the middle of nowhere where there are giant sheet metal sculptures. 

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