Monday, May 5, 2014

Intro to NoDak

What is the deal with North Dakotans? You are driving along the freeway and you see signs - “Live Buffalo!!! Stop and See!!!!” You round the bend and there on top of the hill is a huge herd of buffalo. As you get nearer you realize that they are just metal cutouts standing on top of the hill. It is not only buffalo, along the way we saw elk, boars, deer – all metal standing in the middle of a field or under a tree. Very strange.


Today was more of a travel day. Did stop at a rest stop which was rather unique in that it looked like a gas station out of the 50's.

Stopped at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center but just looked at the gift shop. It was late in the day, tired, hungry and it just seemed like too much effort to actually tour the place. More buffalo sculptures here.

Crossed over the Garrison Dam. We crossed over a spillway first and thought we had crossed the dam. The spillway was massive but it was only maybe a twentieth of the size of the Garrison Dam. We have stopped at Lake Sakakawea State Park(third largest man-made lake in the U.S.A.) and we are the only campers here. There is electricity but the water hasn't been turned on yet for campers. We are parked right on the water. The shore is unique in that there is no sand, but all of these red flat rocks. Great skipping rocks.
This is a wonderful park - the aloneness, the view, the birds.  After two days of driving, it is good for the soul.   

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