Sunday, May 4, 2014

Getting on the road

Today was the first day of travel to North Dakota. I'm a little nervous about going. This will be my first trip with an outsider. I've only traveled with Tony or by myself for a good many years. This time I'm with my sister-in-law, Barb, who I've only known for 38 years.  This will the first time in a long time we've spent an extended time together beyond family holidays.

Getting the RV ready to go this time was really different. The last time I had lists up the kazoo, but this time I'm sort of winging it. Food, clothes - throw them in the RV and go. If I forget something , oh well.

I drove up to Barbs house and it turned into a family gathering. Sister-in-law , nephew, great niece - all gathered to check out the Palace On Wheels. I must admit, I do get a charge out of showing it off. Austin was particularly impressed with my laundry system.

It was a nice drive, nothing outstanding except for a monster fire that was along the freeway. Pictures to follow. I did half of a Five Hour Energy and I talked Barbs ear off. Poor Barb. I am extremely sensitive to Five Hour Energy - it is like 12 Hour Energy for me. I am basically flying off the walls.

We drove to Barnesville Minnesota and stopped at a campground called Wagner Park, a small county park which was basically pretty much a bare field with a scuzzy bath house. We had water and electricity and sewer for $22.  We are the only ones there. Not too much to do or see, but it beat camping in the parking lot of Walmart.

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