Sunday, April 30, 2017

WhereTo Go?

Where to Go? Where to Go? North, East, West or South?

South - I'm sort of tired of scrubby landscape and it is getting warm.
West – I'm sort of running out of time and how can you leave Utah without seeing everything?
North – Lows in the twenties and snow – no thank you

I guess that leaves East. ARKANSAS!!!! But, but.... I have to cross Texas. Texas, the land of good highways and cheap gas. Texas, the land of consistent flat and cow-filled scenery. It took me two whole days to cross Texas at my current rate of travel.

The first night, I stayed in Amarillo. Right outside of Amarillo in a nowhere type of place is Cadillac Ranch where somebody has put nine Cadillacs nose down in the dirt. People are welcome to bring their spray paint with them and let loose their inner graffiti artist. I'm thinking artist might be sort of a strong word here. Maybe I should use the word preservationist instead of artist because I'm sure that all the different layers of paint are all that are holding these cars together.

Miko admiring her handiwork

Miko looking all noble

Down the road apiece, there was the 2nd Amendment Cowboy. Not too sure what that is about, but they had three Cadillacs nose down that were in pristine shape.

As I was driving from my campsite at the local Amarillo Walmart to the Ranch, I passed through a suburban neighborhood. One house had a rather large back yard and I look over and see llamas. Llamas in suburbia. Wait – there are also zebras. Then I see......a giant live one humped camel. In their backyard!!!! Who does this in Suburbia? Oh, right – I'm in Texas. I stopped again on my way back from the Ranch to take a picture of the camel and I didn't see it. Figment of my imagination? I wonder.

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