Monday, April 17, 2017

Heron Lake State Park

I actually spent three nights here at Heron Lake. There is nothing to do, nothing really to see. But it was quiet. When I got there on a Wednesday, there were only a couple of other campers there. One 80 year old guy who had a big old yellow dog named Girlfriend. Just him and his Girlfriend.   He volunteered on an antique railroad that ran during the summer months. The other was a seventy year old woman Named Cory. She lived in her small little Toyota station wagon with two rescue Jack Russell dogs that people had abandoned in campgrounds in Arkansas and Mississippi. She had been doing this for years and loved the life. She had no tent or anything, it was just the car. Lovely lady.

Miko and I just pretty much vegged out – did some baby hikes, did some chores.

Heron Lake

The lake is really low - all the brown area is lake bottom

Quarter mile Nature Trail - somebody worked very hard laying stones the whole length of the trail

For some reason, Miko refused to look at the camera - this is the best we could do

Laundry Day at the ol' homestead - did it all by hand with a bucket and my washing machine plunger

Finally got me a New Mexico sunset

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