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Another day, another National Monument. Next up is Petroglyph National Monument. It is only about ten minutes away. There are four sections to the park, Miko can go to three sections, so we should be able to hike and get our history lessons three days in a row.

Petroglyph is named for the Petroglyphs (go figure) that are in these shallow canyons. The trail is wide and sandy and flat. There are a bunch of hills with these large black rocks which the ancient Pueblans drew pictures. Most of the activity was around 1300 and then the people disappeared. There are supposedly 23,000 petroglyphs in this area. I saw maybe 25. Not seeing it people.  This is a very urban monument area - if you turn around, you see housing developments.  Albuquerque is encroaching on the ancients.

As Miko and I were walking back, a bare shirted guy passed on carrying his shoes. I thought – wow, what a great idea. I took my shoes off and it was lovely. The sand wasn't that deep and it provided great arch support. I also started feeling very connected to the land in a way that I hadn't wearing my shoes. 

On our way in, a guy passed us. When we got to the turnaround part, he was sitting meditating in the center of a bunch of these lava rocks. When he finished meditating, he started doing some sort of spiritual doings. I felt rather bad because just as I reached this area, some people started talking to me about how beautiful Miko was and we chatted. I felt bad because our chitchat sort of destroyed the ambiance and perhaps disturbed this guy. When Tony meditates at home, I really try to be quiet so he can do what he has to do.

When I got back to the parking lot, Meditation Guy was just getting there also. I apologized to him and he said no problem. We continued to talk – his name was Mick and he was from a Pueblo west of Albuquerque. He was getting ready to do a spirit quest to South America. I told him of my journeys and told him that I was heading back home and I was going through Oklahoma. I am a little scared of going through Oklahoma, tornado alley. I am thinking that March is a good time to go through, but tornados, Oklahoma and tin can living quarters are a magnet for trouble. Mick went to his car and brought me a small arrowhead on a string. He said that I should keep it close when I go through Oklahoma and it will keep me safe. I don't know if there is truth here, but I'm keeping it in my pocket as I go through Oklahoma. I was very touched that he gave that to me.

Back at Enchanted Trails, while I was walking the dog in the evening, I came across a woman who was traveling by herself in one of those campers you put on the back of a pickup truck. She was French but lived in Canada in the Northwest Territories in a small cabin with no running water or electricity. We talked about our travels, we have been to some of the same places – Zimbabwe, Malaysia. She has to be back home by April 7th because she is flying to South Africa. She had breast cancer several years ago and her medical team is in South Africa. Interesting woman and made me feel good about what I am doing. We talked for an hour or so and I never got her name.


I have an appointment at Camping World at eightfriggino'clock to get a few things on my every growing list fixed on the RV. I think I spent a half hour just telling the service manager my woes.

Miko and I head out to Petroglyph National Monument again to do another one of their trails while the RV is getting fixed.

This time, I keep my shoes on because it is still only around 50 degrees. I see maybe a hundred or more different petroglyphs so it was much more satisfying. You know, it really doesn't matter if I see anything. I'm outside, it is lovely, the sun is shining.

I really wonder about these petroglyphs and why they are here. Why here? Are they the ancient version of graffiti? They take a lot of work to do - you need some stone tools to etch into the rocks.   Nobody knows what any of them mean – they can guess but it is all speculation.

Back at Camping World, they have done a few fixes.
The refrigerator, which would not work on plain LP is now working. The flame was too far away from the gas so it would not light.
The back window coverings were nailed back up
Some wood trim that was coming loose was nailed back into place.
They told me that the microwave works – he put a cup of water in for two minutes and it got hot. I came home and put a cup of water in for two minutes and it was colder than cold.

Everything else on my list, they could not fix because they needed parts which would take two to three weeks to get in. Oh well – at least my fridge is working on LP so if by some chance I want to camp where there is no electricity, I'm good to go.

Rest of day – lazing around camp. I decided I would spend the rest of the week in the Albuquerque area. No need to rush.
Miko kicking back

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