Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 12 - Joy and Happiness

It was one year ago today that I bought this RV – March 12, 2014. Sadly, the RV is still without a name. I just haven't been able to come up with one that rings true.
In that year, I have put 12,160 miles on it and slept in it in 17 states. Not too bad, although I am trying to slow it down more and not be running so much. Tony has traveled with me through a few states, but the majority of the miles have been just Miko and me. Although I wish Tony would travel with me more, this solo traveling has been a blast. Maybe one day Tony will wake up and have the travel bug. Until then, whenever he decides to come with me will be a blessing.
Since I am traveling solo, I have really wanted to see how I would do “all on my own”. I wondered if I would get lonely, if I would be able to survive and thrive just taking care of me and my house on wheels.
With internet and cell phones, I have been able to keep in touch with people I care about. I have been able to share my day with folks back home. I think that being solo has helped me meet people on the road. When you travel with somebody, you and that somebody become a unit and people don't reach out as much. I have met some wonderful people who have shared their lives and I find that has made the road life even more interesting and fun. Meeting people on the road is sort of like having grandchildren. You love them dearly, but at the end of the day, you can go back to your own house, be quiet and rest up. Sometimes I miss having those long deep conversations that you can only have with people who know you well. Trade offs, I guess.
As far as rolling down the road goes, I have been fortunate in that all the things that have gone wrong with the rig have been relatively minor inconveniences. Nothing life threatening, nothing expensive (knock on wood). Little puzzles on how to get by with what you've got. For example, the fact that my stairs into the coach don't work – I guess I can think of it as a minor little exercise program – need to stretch those legs, make them work harder climbing into the rig. I was fortunate in this last trip that I am currently on that I started off caravanning with my friends Lou and Davey. Davey especially helped me fix some of the minor little things on the rig until I got my sea legs.
I am learning more and more how to manage this lifestyle, because that is what it is. It is not a vacation, it is a way of life. I am extremely grateful that I have this opportunity. Everyday I wake up with a certain joy and excitement about what the day will bring. Well, either that or I lounge around in bed until some obscene hour and ease into the day. I have the best of all worlds. I am one lucky girl.
We will resume our regularly scheduled blog posting tomorrow or maybe the next day – don't want to seriously commit – it would ruin my reputation. I just wanted to note the passing of a milestone.

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