Friday, May 19, 2017

Home Again, Home Again

I spent a night in a little Missouri state park called Weston Bend. It is just a tad north of Kansas City and the sites were all nice, wooded and there were some trails to explore. There was also a dog park but I'm finding that dog parks really don't seem to thrill Miko too much. She is polite, greets other dogs, but just wants to stay with me and not go play with them.

West Bend State Park site

I moved on to Pender Nebraska, a small little town, in the middle of nowhere, in between Omaha and Sioux City. I had an appointment to get my tow bar serviced. I had been having trouble with the tow bar, the arms were intermittently not locking. This can cause all sorts of problems because if the tow bar is not locked and I take a turn, the tow bar could bend. As it was, when the technician took apart my tow bar, some of the innards were a little bit bent. He fixed me all up and I bought a few spare parts for future use. For $35 dollars, I got my tow bar fixed and I had a free place to stay. Such a deal. I won't mention how much I spent on spare parts.


This being Nebraska, there were severe thunderstorm warnings all night long. The next morning, during a break in the rain, we took off and ended up in St. James Minnesota. It was a miserable drive, intense downpours – but the roads themselves were not too bad. As soon as I got to St. James, my phone tells me that not only am I still under a severe thunderstorm warning but just for fun let's throw in a tornado watch. I've got my weather radio going and I am strategically parked next to the shower house which is the storm shelter. It can't be all that bad – off in the distance I'm seeing blue skies.

Got the RV all cleaned up and drove another two hours to my RV storage place. Made it safely, no car fires, no drama.  I drove for four days in a row - definitely too much for me nowadays.  I guess I have slowed down.  It is nice to be home. 


  1. Enjoyed visiting with you and Miko at Petite Jean. Pleasant evening, wish we had had some white wine for you. We will be coming back from the Grand Tetons in late June and had planned to stay at Weston Bend S. P. We have not been to Weston Bend so particularly appreciate your commentary on it. Hope we bump into you again somewhere on down the road, and will definitely follow up on your recommendation for Watkin's Glen when we make our New England journey.

    1. I was responding to your post but put it in the regular comments section of the blog and not here in response to your comment. My bad.

  2. I really enjoyed hanging with you and Carol around the campfire. Company was so good that I hardly missed the wine. After talking with you guys, I started thinking more seriously about maybe making another run up to Acadia in the fall. It would be way cool to run into you again. You have my email address? It would be really nice to stay in touch.

    Weston Bend- the sites up on top of the hill have more privacy. I would have liked to stay a little longer there.