Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Waterfalls and Beaches

We headed over to the Visitor's Center and lucked out with getting a ranger who knew her stuff. We told her that we had only one or two days and what should we spend our time doing. They have boat rides where you can view the Pictured Rocks, but they take two and a half hours and it didn't sound all that much fun. I wanted to see waterfalls and hike a little bit instead.

First up was Munising Falls. You hike a short distance on a dog friendly trail and see it. It is about fifty feet high. Again I apologize about the quality of the pictures. Some day I will figure out this iPhone picture thing.

Next up was Sand Point which is just a very very sandy beach. Beautiful white sand. We took Miko down to the water's edge and discovered that she is a wave chaser. Anytime I have had her near a lake or pond, she is totally non interested, to the point of refusing to even go close to the water's edge. Well, let me tell you – she went nuts over the waves. Running back and forth, trying to catch every single one. She ran herself ragged trying to keep up with them all. I think it was the happiest I have ever seen her – what a joy it was to watch her. After a while, we had to drag her away from the waves. What is interesting is that when we got back to our campsite, she heard the waves and practically pulled my arm out of the socket trying to get to the waves.

After Sand Point, we drove to Miner's Castle which is a rock formation jutting into the Lake. They have several observation points which allowed us not only to see some of the Pictured Rocks, but also we could see all the way to the bottom of the lake because the water was so clear. I think this was probably the favorite part of my day. It was one of those “Nature is just so friggin' cool” type of days.

On to Miner's Falls. This is the only time that we could not take Miko with us on the trail. She waited in the car for us. It was really a cool day with temperatures in the 50s. As we walked away from the car, she barked a few times and then did her little baby howl – she sounds so pitiful when she does that howl. We had to walk about a ¾ of a mile through the woods. It was really pretty – tall pine trees and some sort of blue flower blooming everyplace – sort of solid blue carpet under the pines. At the end of the trail, you descend down about 75 steps and see some massive falls. This time I was prepared for the army of mosquitoes and I could spend some time just watching the falls. 

Back to the RV for some lunch and a quick nap and then we went to two more waterfalls – the Alger Falls and Wagner Falls. This falls were only about twenty feet tall. Wagner Falls was pretty – it was more of a cascading falls over several different levels and wider than the other falls that we had seen.

We have spent quite a bit of time today trying to decide if we are going to stay here in Munising for another day or take off for the Keweenaw Peninsula further west in Michigan. We will probably decide for sure tomorrow.

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